Moving Together 2013


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Richard A. Davey, Secretary & CEO, MassDOT


Georgian Room: Reaching New Customers
This session explores how Transit Agencies are attracting new customers that do not traditionally use transit. Innovation, improved service, and outreach are drawing in these new riders . Examples of this growth from several Commonwealth Regions will be highlighted.
Moderator: Mike Lambert, MBTA

SRTA: Erik Rousseau, SRTA - Rousseau-SRTA Presentation.pdf

PVTA: attracting riders at the universities in the Pioneer Valley - Mary McInnes, PVTA - McInnes-PVTA:Attracting riders

WRTA: attracting riders at UMass Medical, where parking shortages exist - Stephen O'Neil, WRTA - O'Neil-WRTA:Attracting riders


Arlington Room: Cost-effective Solutions for Better Transportation
Innovative designs and solutions can be deployed to promote healthy transportation options when resources for more traditional, large scale projects are scarce. Learn how several urban-based initiatives have effectively promoted bicycling and walking for wide audiences, using strategies that can reduce lifecycle costs by making sure the project is done right the first time.
Moderator: Jennifer Slesinger, MassDOT Planning

• Strategies to reduce project costs: public outreach - Brad Buschur, Groundwork Lawrence Project Director - Buschur-Strategies to reduce project costs

• Cycle Tracks - Hayes Morrison, City of Somerville - Morrison-Cycle Tracks

• Worcester Walks/Bikes - Karin Valentine Goins, Co-founder and co-chair, WalkBike Worcester - Goins-Worcester Walks/Bikes


Berkeley/Clarendon Room: Consumer Market Changes
Macro level changes are pushing the need for healthy transportation options. Learn from this knowledgable panel how these changes are impacting conditions Statewide, in the Pioneer Valley, and among the Commonwealth's older citizens. The relationship of land use, housing and transportation provides the workshop focus.
Moderator: Eric Bourassa, MAPC

• Housing and Economic Development housing production goals and transportation - Victoria Maguire, HED

• Changing transportation and land use habits - Catherine Ratte, PVPC - Ratte-Changing transportation and land use habits

• Elderly mobility needs - Professor Nina Silverstein, UMass Boston - Silverstein-Elderly mobility needs


Statler Room: Achieving Social Sustainability in Healthy Transportation
Healthy transportation options are being expanded to all Commonwealth communities. Some are site-specific, others encompass a number of Commonwealth communities. The workshop speakers will focus on the best opportunities to expand and enlarge Healthy Transportation options.
Moderator: John Lozada, MassDOT

• Mass In Motion - Ben Wood, DPH - Wood-Health, transportation and the local experience

• The Casey Overpass Project - Michael Trepanier, MassDOT Highway - Trepanier-The Casey Overpass Project

• Reducing Income Disparity - Affluence vs. Low-income Choice or No-choice - Marcos Beleche, Codman Sq Neighborhood Development Corp. - Beleche-Building bridges


Berkeley/Clarendon Room: Walking - Around the Block or Across Town
This session describes how walking is a critical mode everywhere, not solely in big cities. Walking serves a broad range of populations, from school-age children to the elderly, and is closely linked with transit. Our speakers are both site-specific and also cut across age and demographic lines.
Moderator: Lea Susan Ojamaa, DPH

• Focus on rural communities - Wendy Landman, WalkBoston - Landman-Rural Walking

• Safe Routes to School (SRTS) successes - Erin Reed, SRTS - Reed-Safe Routes to School Successes

• Kendall Square Mode Shifts - Brian Murphy, City of Cambridge - Murphy-Kendall Square Mode Shifts


Georgian Room: Transit Agencies: Leading the Way, Delivering Quality Results to Their Customers.
Moderator: Scott Hamwey, MassDOT

• The Cape Flyer - weekend summer train service connecting Boston and the Cape - Tom Cahir, CCRTA - Cahir-The Cape Flyer

• Bus Plus Initiatives - Kyle Emge, MassDOT - Emge-Bus Plus Initiatives

• WRTA: Green Fleets - Steve O'Neil, WRTA - O'Neil-Electric Bus


Arlington Room: Healthy Transportation Policies
This session provides an open discussion on how to improve advocacy for all modes: bicycling, walking and transit. Learn how to become more effective in promoting Healthy Transportation from facilitators who'll encompass different modal perspectives.
Moderator: Alison Coffey, MIT

• Stephanie Groll, Cambridge - Groll-Cambridge Bicycle Parking

• Rachel Bain, RMV - Bain- Bain-The RMV and Healthy Transportation

• Catherine Cagle, Waltham - Cagle-What is Healthy Transportation?


Statler Room: Balancing corridor-specific transportation options
How can transportation equity best be achieved among the modes in corridors with constrained options? How do Complete Streets and Context Sensitivity apply?
Moderator: Lou Rabito, MassDOT

• Bicycling: innovative approaches - Keri Pyke, Howard/Stein-Hudson - Pyke-Complete Streets Based Design

• Transit: key bus route upgrades in select corridors - Erik Scheier, MBTA - Scheier-Key Bus Route Upgrades

• Complete Streets and the Pedestrian Realm- Vineet Gupta, Boston Transportation Department - Gupta-Complete Streets and the Pedestrian Realm


Thomas P. Glynn, CEO & Executive Director, Massport


Statler Room: Bicyclists: More than Lycra
As more people become bicyclists, traditional stereotypes are changing. Old ideas of who bicycles no longer hold, as the bicycling public grows. Effective new technologies and outreach efforts are attracting more people to ride more bicycles more often.

The stereotypical bicyclist no longer exists, as the demographics of people riding bikes become increasingly robust and diverse.
Moderator: Natasha Gayl, MassDOT

• Hubway data about the new people who bicycle - Nicole Freedman, BostonBikes - Freedman-New Hubway Bicyclists

• Gateway Cities, Bikeway Cities - Jimmy Pereira, MassBike - Pereira-Gateway Cities, Bikeway Cities

• The role of the Bicycle Industry in nurturing new bicyclists - Galen Mook, Landry's Bicycles - Mook-The Role of the Bicycle Industry in Nuturing New Bicyclists


Berkeley/Clarendon Room: Technological Transit Advances
Technology is being being deployed to attract new customers and to improve their experiences. All three speakers represent the MBTA, which was recently recognized for its customer-friendly innovations, specifically in the area or providing more and better information.
Moderator: Peter Sutton, MassDOT

• Countdown Clocks at the MBTA - Sam Hickey, MBTA - Hickey-Countdown Clocks at the MBTA

• Bus examples: Real time info (for customers and schedule adherence, fare collection, TSP) - Dominick Tribone, MBTA - Tribone-Real Time Information

• Improving Customer Information - Heather Hume, MBTA - Hume-Improving Customer Information


Arlington Room: Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
Several BRT projects are now being planned in Massachusetts. Learn where they may be situated, what challenges might impede their implementation, and how these challenges can be best overcome. Learn in which corridors BRT projects stand the best chance of success.
Moderator: Clinton Bench, MassDOT Planning

• Introduction to BRT - Annie Weinstock, Institute for Transportation & Development Policy - Weinstock-Introduction to BRT

• Silver Line Gateway and implementation challenges - Scott Hamwey, MassDOT - Hamwey-Silver Line Gateway

• Other Transit Agencies - Mary McInnes, PVTA - MacInnes-Bus Rapid Transit and Medium Sized Cities-


Georgian Room: Accessibility
MassDOT's objective is to achieve better access to all modes for all users. This workshop examines recent advances in transit, bicycling and walking, and efforts to expand Healthy Transportation for all.
Moderator: Marie Trottier, MBTA

• Bicycling - Tom McCarthy, DCR

• Transit - Larry Haile, MBTA

• Walking: improving wheelchair ramps to improve ADA/AAB compliance on the state sidewalk system - David Phaneuf, MassDOT Highway - Phaneuf-Knowing Your System


Gregory Bialecki, Secretary of Housing and Economic Development

Richard K. Sullivan Jr., Secretary, Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs


Please come prepared to share your recommendations so we can hear and better understand how we can all be working to achieve our statewide goal of “TRANSIT + WALKING + BICYCLING = MOBILITY.”