Succeeding as a Foreman II


Succeeding as a foreman is no accident. Effectively motivating workers, communicating both upward and downward, and dealing with the public are crucial skills. This training is designed to enhance both your skills and your confidence.

This session will focus on motivating employees, situational leadership, generational differences, and creating a learning environment.
Whether you are a veteran foreman or someone who hopes to achieve that position in the future, you will benefit from this program.

Note: These sessions are stand-alone workshops, and can be taken independent of each other. Attendance in Succeeding as a Foreman I is not a prerequisite to Succeeding as a Foreman II.

Maximum class size is 30

Additional Notes

  • Location is Concord's Colonial Inn
  • Refreshments/Registration from 8:00-8:30am, course begins at 8:30am


Day 1: August 23rd, 2012

Time:08:00 amPlease see flyer for more details.
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Enrollment Total: 25/30 (83%)
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Worth 1.00 Baystate Roads Credits
Worth 0.60 CEU Credits

Costs $50.00 (Public Sector)
Costs $75.00 (Private Sector)

Instructed by Rockie Blunt

48 Monument Square, Concord MA
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